Level 2: Soul Music – Learning to Listen

by Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo

The second level begins with the following advice from Catherine Zeta Jones: “You must follow a trail of musical notes and the first of them is here.” I hear something that sounds like the continuous plucking of a sanza note (African instrument pictured below).

“Collect it by turning towards its sound and walking towards it. Another note will then appear. When you have both of them, the sound of the light appears. (Glittering exit sound) Walk through it to exit the chamber.” When she is finished talking I am brought to the screen with the wheel at the top and the feet at the bottom. I hear the sound of the music note beeping in front of me. “Walk towards where you hear the musical note. Walk into the note to collect it.”  As I leave the screen idle she says, “Turn around slowly until you can hear the note in each ear. Walk towards it.” I leave the screen idle to see if she will give me more information. “Walk five steps. Listen and turn to face the note. Walk another five steps, and listen again. All the way to the note.” Finally she asks, “Is the sound in your left ear? Turn left until the sound is in both ears. Do the same if the sound is on your right. Then walk slowly towards it and check again. When you’re very close to a sound, turn left and right. Scan it.  Work out where exactly it is coming from.”

As I take a few steps forward I notice the musical note is beeping in my left ear. I take two more steps and the sound gets louder in my left ear as if I’m approaching something that is on my left side. I touch the wheel at the top and using my right index finger, I scan to the left, pushing the wheel to the right as the sound moves to both ears. Then I walk forward as the sound gets louder. I collect the note and hear a note that sounds far behind me and to my right side. I turn my cursor until the sound seems like it’s between both ears, even if it is still distant. I walk toward the sound as it gets louder, still sounding like it is a little bit too far to my right. As I move forward, the sound seems to be getting further away and I hear the sound of bees or bugs swarming on my right side instead. I use my fingers to turn toward the right until the musical note is between both ears. Then I walk forward and collect the note. “Now it’s time to leave. Can you hear the exit? Walk through it.” I hear the sound of the exit to my right, the glittering noise, filled with little bells, and a warm hum, as well as a light tapping.  I turn toward the right and walk forward, ready for the next level, as she says,

“Well done. Your story starts here in the first palace of the kingdom of Papa Sangre: the palace of bones. You have been summoned here to save the soul of someone who is dear to you. They are in grave danger. The trail of musical notes leads you through the kingdom to Papa Sangre and the soul imperial. In every chamber collect the musical notes and the sound of the light appears for you to exit onwards.(Sound of exit) But beware. There may be monsters. They will kill you if they catch you and then I’ll have to make your soul a new body. Enter the kennel at Dank Cloister with a sleeping snuffle hog (sound of growling animal). If you ever need help, stand still and I will be there in une momento.”

I will start the next level tomorrow.