Level 3: The Kennel-Part 1

by Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo

Deep horns blare in the background starts as Catherine Zeta Jones begins to talk. “You are at the entrance to the palace of bones. It is guarded by a hog. The hog is asleep in the kennel next to a musical note. The hog will eat you if it catches you. If you trip and fall, the hog will wake and chase you (sound of animal growling and running).”

I am now on the main screen with the wheel at the top and the feet at the bottom. I listen to make sense of the environment, now that I know that walking towards the wrong place can result in death. I hear an animal growling in the distance but I cannot clearly distinguish where it is, whether it is directly behind me, or in front of me, to the right, or to the left. I also hear my first musical note blinking in the distance on my right side. I turn to the right and walk toward the musical note, which is now pulsing on my left side and I can hear the snuffle hog growling in the distance. I turn until I hear the musical note in both ears. I am still not able to make out exactly where the growling is in proximity to where I am. I take two more steps forward and both the growling and the pulsing musical note increase slightly in volume. It seems like the musical note is actually more in the left ear than in the right ear so I turn toward the left until the sound seems to be hitting each ear equally. Just as I approach the note, the sound of the growling snuffle hog grows loud in my left ear and suddenly I am listening in horror as the snuffle hog bites into my character (a male, I now learn) and he screams in agony. The entire episode is extremely disturbing as I can hear the sounds of the snuffle hog feeding on the main character. While I can still hear some of the gory sounds of the snuffle hog voraciously feasting, Catherine Zeta Jones calmly says “Careful near a snuffle hog. If it catches you, it eats you. But your soul remains to try again in a new body.” I think I’m  going to try again tomorrow.