Level 4: Bed of Bones

by Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo

So I have died multiple times while trying to get through this level . This time I think about Catherine Zeta Jones’ advice as I move forward. “Run over the bones quickly to the other side.” Instead of trying to run from the hog, which is my first instinct, this time as I crunch on the bones and squeaky toys between me and the musical note in front of me, I run forward, even as I hear the snuffle hog coming. “You’re safe!” She exclaims as I run out onto the other side, the snuffle hog, growling behind me, but not getting any closer. As I stand, she offers me some advice: “Hear the note equally in each ear. Line it up in front of you. Walk forward to the edge of the bones. Listen again. Then run.” I move toward the sound and collect the note without having to walk back over the bones and squeaky toys. “Now collect the next note!” This note appears to be in front of me to the left so I pivot the wheel on the screen and walk in that direction. As I take three steps towards the note, I hear a loud creaking noise, and I jump, later realizing that this is the sound of an old door opening. I continue walking forward and collect the next note. “Good. Now head for the exit.” I hear the exit noise to my right side so I turn and charge forward into the light. As I am transported to the next level, I hear Catherine Zeta Jones: “The hog charged you as you trod on something loud, like some crunchy bones from all the souls it’s eaten before you but you escaped its guard room. Now you must get past the hog patrol. A hog on the move.”