Level 5: Hog Patrol

by Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo

I begin the fifth level, feeling fairly confident that I have a solid understanding of the game. As the screen shows an image of sunglasses with the words “Hog Patrol” written at the top, Catherine Zeta Jones says, “Collect the trail of musical notes, but a hog is patrolling the room from left to right in front of you. Don’t get in his way or he’ll prove a hungry hog.”

In front of me I hear the musical note to my left. I hear the sound of a hog growling moving slowly from my left ear to my right ear. I wait until I hear him on the opposite side to walk toward the note. As I walk toward the note, I realize I have miscalculated and the note is further to my left than I thought. Unfortunately the hog is coming back so I run and trip only to be eaten by the hog. “You must steer clear of the hog to succeed.”

I start over again in the same place. This time I try to locate the note directly in front of me by turning to the left and then to the right incrementally to judge when the musical note appears to be equal volume between both ears. I am successful in getting the first note, but the second note proves to be too close to the hog and as I move toward it, I am devoured again. I play this level several times before I am able to move to the next level. I realize that regardless of the number of levels I’ve played up to this point, I still don’t have a great sense of where the musical notes and the hog are throughout the space. I can only really tell where the snuffle hog and musical notes are in close proximity to me, but if asked to describe where the notes are in the room, I would have no idea unless I carefully detailed each step on a piece of paper  and even then that wouldn’t be a guarantee of any real understanding of where the different objects are placed. I suppose not having a general map of the room is helping me to work on my hearing because I can’t rely on memory to beat the levels, but rather my manipulation of the controls as I encounter the musical notes and avoid the snuffle hogs.