Level 6: Bedtime

by Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo

“The living quarters. Momma hog and baby hog are asleep. Creep around them to collect all the notes. But beware the noisy strips of toys and bone near the exit. It will wake the hogs up.”

As I stand in place in the game, I hear a hog growling to my left and a music note beeping to my left as well. I hear the sound of a fairly large stream of water dripping, like a faucet is running, but I’m not sure where it’s coming from. It seems to be behind me. As I walk forward, I am able to collect both the first and second note, although acquiring the note is particularly terrifying as I am having a hard time identifying where the hog is. I can hear it breathing, sleeping, or growling (I’m not sure) from every direction and my only hope is to make sure that the noises are not the loudest when I’m “looking” straight ahead. As I hear the exit noise I grow tense, remembering that there is a strip of toys and bones around the exit. I have tried this level multiple times and died multiple times (to which she has responded,“That piercing feeling is fangs. That smell is the rotten breath of a hungry hog”) but I realize that the secret is to make sure the exit is directly in front of me before running forward or else risk getting caught by the snuffle hogs as they chase me down. As I approach the exit, I center myself, making sure I hear the glittery sound of the exit equally and clearly in both ears. Quickly I charge forward, running over the bones and toys as I hear the hogs starting towards me. As I make it through the exit, I realize my heart is pounding and my shoulders are tense. “Now through the charnel pits. A chamber full of half-eaten guts and the bones of long dead souls. But here is lost soul, a baby, a special tea-time treat for a baby hog.”