Level 7: The Charnel Pits – Audio Game “Space”

by Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo


Catherine Zeta Jones asks, “Is this what they’re guarding? The notes sit on three noisy pits of guts. They will wake the hog and he will charge (Sound of a hog roaring). At the exit a bell rings for you to answer (sound of telephone). A baby screams and cries (sound of baby crying). Is this the soul you have come to save? If you help it, the hogs will hear you both. But otherwise you abandon it to its death. Better than if both of you die.” I hear the musical note,  almost directly in front of me but slightly to the left and the hog appears to be on my right side, in the distance. As I approach the note directly in front of me, she whispers, “Be careful.” I am unsure what to do, because the last time she whispered that, I had to run rapidly across the row of toys and bones, but she didn’t mention anything about what I needed to do this time around. As I walk forward, it sounds like I’m stepping on something squishy (the pits of guts, I assume) so I run forward to collect the note, and keep running until my feet touch solid ground. I hear the hogs snarling and the baby crying in the distance but it appears that I am safe for now. I do the same thing with the second musical note, which is located to my right. For a moment, I’m lost. I don’t hear anything, so I spin around for a moment, trying to listen for a musical note, and in the absence walking slowly and carefully. As I approach something potentially noisy, she warns “be careful” and I quickly run across another squishy sounding substance in order to get to the other side.

As I wander I hear the sound of a baby crying as well as a telephone ringing directly in front of me. I run towards both, which appear to be coming from the same place and then as I approach both the crying baby and the exit I hear the sound indicating that I’ve beaten the level. As I pick up the phone I hear the voice of the male from the introduction: “You helped the lost soul escape to the light, but you know that is not the soul you are here to save. That waits for you with Papa Sangre you must head to the palace of bones.”