Level 10: Homerun

by Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo

This level is very confusing to me. The narration suggests that I should be running in a circle, but I’m not sure how to do that” “It’s a race between you and two reapers, a circle of notes leads you to the exits.”  Instead of trying to run in a circle, I locate the sound of the first musical note to my left, and rush towards it. After I catch it, I vaguely hear the sound of the second note behind me, as well as the laughter of the grim reapers floating in and out of the right side. I race toward the music note, but trip and fall. Immediately I am killed by a reaper as Catherine Zeta-Jones chimes in: “Death by the scythe of a giggling reaper.” I come back to the level, determined to get through. I listen carefully and make sure that each note I hear is directly between the right and left. By focusing on the location of each note, I collect the first three, but instead of the hearing the exit, I hear a new set of notes. This time, I hear a slight flute sound. I run to collect this sound and then I hear another slightly lower flute sound and I run to pick this up. Finally I hear the exit sound, and turning around I walk quickly towards this sound. I get through this level fairly quickly, and by focusing on the sounds and their locations but Catherine Zeta-Jones informs me that the next level won’t be so easy: “Well done and your prize? A warm welcome into quick sand. And festering insects. They don’t flatter like me.”