Level 13: Pathway of Pain

by Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo

As the level starts I’m met with the first inclusion of music. I hear a simple, somber and yet theatrical song, with a longing violin, and deep horns in the background alternating between 3 chords. Catherine Zeta-Jones chimes in: “To enter the palace of brass, follow the pathway of pain. On the straight and narrow the floor is wooden (hear steps on a wooden floor), but cut across with strips of noisy solid metal (hear steps on a metal floor). A hog sleeps on the path (hear hog growling). Find the notes humming in the darkness.” As I stand idle for a few moments, she suggests, “Scan left and right to find the humming notes. Don’t be scared, keep moving. Keep away from the hog.” I use my index finger on the wheel at the top to see if I can hear a note. I hear a brassy sound pulsing faintly ahead of me, and as I inch closer, I realize that this is the sound of the musical note. I step forward with trepidation, one step, in front of the other on the wooden ground. As I turn to face the note, I hear my foot brush on metal. Turning until the note is directly in front of me, I race forward to grab it as I awaken the hog. I hear it coming from a distance as I race forward onto the wood and escape. I slow down when I can no longer hear the hog moving. I again hear a brassy echoing sound in the distance and spin slowly to the right to locate it. As it gets louder I also hear the snorting of a snuffle hog. I take a deep breath and move toward the note quickly. I am able to capture the note and I keep running forward until my feet touch the wooden boards again. Again, I hear a third note in the distance and do the same thing. Somehow I’m able to keep the snuffle hog away. Finally, I hear the exit sound almost in front of me. I quickly navigate to the right until I hear the sound in both ears and race towards the exit. As I walk into the light, I hear a large vacuuming sound and then what sounds like potatoes hitting the floor. “Well done, the chest board awaits, checkered with boards of silent wood and loud metal.”