Level 14: Chessboard

by Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo

This level begins with a swelling horn that emerges over a low, hollow rumble in the background and tapers out slowly. Catherine Zeta-Jones begins: “Papa’s giant chessboard. The silent squares are wood and the noisy squares are metal. If you step on wood, you can lose the hog. He won’t hear your steps.” As I move forward on the wood, I look around for the notes. This is one of the easier levels, because I just have to maintain a pace that is fast enough to escape, but not so fast that I trip and fall. As I move forward, I step onto the metal and immediately begin running. To test whether she was correct in saying that I can lose the hog on a wooden square, I stop running as soon as my foot hits a wooden board. I hear the hog running behind me but then sliding to a halt. His growling is still close to me and I can hear it as I turn around and try to hear the first musical note. Eventually after running across the board a number of times, I locate the first brassy sounding musical note. By running quickly from wood panel to wood panel, I’m able to stave off the hog until running into the exit. As I again hear a large vaccuum sound and then the thud of something hitting the floor, Catherine Zeta-Jones asks, “Feeling chicken? you should. for now its feeding time in the palace of brass, a cage of fowl can been released as a snack to distract the hungry hogs.”