Level 15: Feeding Time – (Major Break Through)

by Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo

In the background I can hear a song that consists of a hollow dark sound, with an almost ritual like drum beating, and a dark choir bellowing at every step. Catherine Zeta-Jones chimes in, “A floor entirely in brass. Two hogs. Some chickens in a cage. Run to release them. The hogs will feast on them. Collect the loads and escape before the chickens are eaten up.”

Perhaps because this is the first level on which a time-limit has been imposed, as well the fact that the ground is so noisy, I make a major break-through today that may significantly improve my performance. I had concerns that I would not be able to hear the brass notes as well as the other musical notes because I was walking on metal, so after I release the chickens, which I find by walking towards the clucking sound nearly straight ahead, I stand silent to hear above the sound of my footsteps and the snuffle hogs feeding. I hear a light bell sound coming from just left of center for about two seconds. I turn toward that direction and as I move closer I realize that I am walking toward the first musical note. As I capture it, I hear a similar light bell sound coming from just right of center. I follow the direction that sound seemed to come from and arrive at the next musical note. For whatever reason, I had not realized that the sound effect that played right after I captured a note, or started a level (depending on the nature of the level) was an indication of where I would have to go to retrieve the next note, or find the exit. Using this information this level proves easy to navigate and I arrive at the end in a short amount of time. I only made this realization when I listened in a quiet environment and then established patterns between what I was hearing and where I needed to go. As the level ends, Catherine Zeta-Jones congratulates me. “You served them well. Now leave to the xylophone road. Its musical steps mostly to the hogs, but some notes crash so loudly evil pigs will hate you for stepping on them.”