Level 16: Xylophone Road

by Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo

This level does not have any music, just a low and cavernous hum. “You’re at the bottom of an enormous xylophone and play it as you move. Some steps please the hogs (I hear the sound of two steps on the brass playing notes, one higher than the next) but beware those which crash like cymbals (sound of a cymbal crashing).” As the level starts I use my knowledge gained from the last level to use the light bell sound to locate where the musical instrument will be. I turn to face the direction from which I heard the initial sound and I can hear a brass musical note directly in front of me, with a snuffle hog grunting in the distance between my left and right. I rush forward and after two musical steps, the next three produce large crashing sounds. I rush forward and capture the first musical note, unsure of where the snuffle hog currently is. I stop for a moment and hear the snuffle hog to my right as well as the next musical note. I walk forward cautiously, and I’m able to get the next note, without stepping on one that sounds like a cymbal. Finally I turn toward the final note, but I completely miscalculate how far away the snuffle hog is. As  I run forward, the snarling gets louder in my left ear until I am killed by the hog. Catherine Zeta Jones chimes in snidely: “Crash, bang, snuffled. encore.” As I try again, I maneuver more carefully this time, taking a step and then listening, taking another step and then listening again. Using this technique I am able to capture all the notes and avoid the snuffle hog. As I complete the level, I again hear the vacuum sound and the thud that has followed completino of the prior levels. Catherine Zeta Jones congratulates me: “Well done it is difficult to see with your ears. you’re learning quickly. To the next chamber.”