Level 17: Papa Sangre Says

by Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo

A steady beat plays softly in the background as Catherine Zeta Jones instructs me:  “Stay on the narrow path or the hog will come for you. The path twists and turns but I will be there to guide you. Follow me in the darkness. Of course you can trust me, I only speak what Papa Sangre says.” As the level starts I can faintly hear a snuffle hog, as well as her voice beckoning me. “Come to me,” she says, just ahead of me. After reaching her voice, which is echoed by a brass musical note, she changes position to the left and behind me, calling out, “This is the safe path.” After I successfully walk towards her she changes location. “Walk towards me,” she says, from somewhere ahead of me and to the left. I inch towards her, stopping several times to make sure she is directly in front of me. As I walk into her voice she changes position again. “This is the way,” she says from the right.  I turn and walk towards her, collecting the next musical note. “Follow me, over here,” she says from what seems like just in front of me. I test by spinning the wheel and find the point past which, the sound is only in my left ear and then reverse to hear when the sound is only in my right ear. Then I pivot to somewhere in between and try to find where the sound is the most balanced. I am successful and as I reach the next musical note, she says, “Come here,” from the right. I inch toward her again. She issues out a series of commands for the rest of the level as I walk slowly toward her, making sure she is directly ahead. For a moment I am concerned that the snuffle hog has heard me, his loud growling in my left ear, but as I move forward I see that I have made it through undetected. As I complete the level I notice something somehow sinister in Catherine Zeta Jones’ voice. I wonder if I can trust her, realizing that I have no option. On cue, she chimes in and prepares me for the next stage: “The last chamber is on the bridge. You will find a little girl lost. What to do?”