Level 18: Little Girl

by Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo

Per usual, Catherine Zeta Jones begins the level by instructing me how to navigate: “Its a narrow wooden bridge with some loud metal strips. There’s a little girl. Save her or lave her but if you carry her too close to the hog she will scream.” As I start the level I hear the musical note in the distance and the hog nearby. I attempt to get the musical note several times (and get killed in the process) before I’m finally able to collect the note and avoid the snuffle hog just barely. As I make it to the other side of the bridge and search for the second musical note, I can hear the sound of a little girl, with a slight British accent asking, “Is anyone there? Hello? I can hear you!” I can’t distinguish where the second musical note is, but as I navigate I accidentally run into the little girl, whom I end up picking up. Her loud voice overpowers my ability to hear anything. The musical note fades into the distance as she alternates between saying, “Ow you’re hurting me!” and “Thank you very very very much!” I race around the level but am unable to distinguish where the snuffle hog is and as I run past it, she screams loudly. Immediately the snuffle hog devours both of us. The second time I play, I make the same moves, but this time, when I hear the little girl in the distance I walk in the opposite direction. I am able to collect all of the musical notes and as I walk to the exit, I hear the voice of the man I now presume to be Papa Sangre: ” You’re learning that charity may get in the way.Go across th ice and though crystal catherdarals to the palace. Buenos Noches.”