Level 20: Zoo

by Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo

A zoo. This zoo is snowed over. There are two awful things behind you. A snuffle hog and a giggling reaper. You wish they were in a cage.  A strip of ice in front of you runs from left to right. Stepping on it will make the hog charge.” I can hear the hog growling in front of me and the reaper moving back and forth on my left side. I hear the note on my right side. As I try to make some sense of where I should be, I hear the sound of the reaper approaching. Immediately I am devoured by the snuffle hog as she says, “Gobbled up by the animals of the zoo. Spewed once more.” The second time I begin the level, I move about quickly, trying to avoid the reaper’s laughter and the growling of the snuffle hog. Running about frantically I am somehow able to collect each of the notes. I’m wondering if the ease with which I now navigate the level is related to the development of my hand-ear coordination. This level is not taking me nearly as long as some levels prior to complete. After just two tries, I successfully collect the musical notes and enter into the exit. Again I hear the sound of wiping again, and then the sound of glass shattering as Catherine Zeta Jones instructs me for the next level:  “You survived the glass manger. Here is a cathedral. A ruined vault with noisy glass and smashed chandelier littering the floor.”