Level 21: Glass Cathedral

by Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo

“A hog roams the glass cathedral. Scattered across the floor is broken glass from three smashed chandeliers. You must walk slowly. Three cages of chicken may feed the hog.” In the background I hear howling, hollow sounds, that swell every few seconds almost as if a cold winter wind was blowing rapidly through a set of chimes. As I start the level I hear the chickens clucking almost directly ahead of me and the musical note, which sounds like a bell, pulsing in the distance. I walk towards the chickens and immediately open the cage as the snuffle hogs run towards me. I race forward to the sound of the musical note, as Catherine Zeta Jones whispers, “Be careful.” I approach some of the crunchy glass and as I crunch over it, I slip and fall. The snuffle hogs are still feasting on the chickens so I move slowly forward until my feet are no longer crunching on the broken glass. I hear the sound of more chickens in the distance as the sound of the snuffle hogs feeding on the previous chickens dies down. As I move forward, she whispers, “Be careful.” I race forward, recognizing that if I step on the broken glass and have not opened up a new cage of chickens, I could become dinner for the snuffle hogs. I race towards the sound of the clucking chickens as I step on the shattered glass and hear the roar of the snuffle hogs behind me. I sigh with relief as I hear the sound of the chicken latch opening. I am able to collect the next musical note, and using the same technique am able to capture the final musical note. As I walk through the exit, Catherine Zeta Jones exclaims “Congratulations. You are really at the gates of Papa Sangre but a blizzard descends.” The sound of howling wind fills my headphones as I am transported to the next level.