Level 22: The Blizzard

by Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo

As I begin the Blizzard level, Catherine Zeta Jones informs me of what I will need to do to survive: “A herd of hogs are trotting fast through the icy wind. Listen hard for the notes and escape before you’re trampled.”  The sound of the wind howling seems to overpower every other noise. I hear the snarling of the snuffle hogs and can barely make out the blinking sound of the musical note in the distance. As I run forward it is completely unclear to me where the snuffle hogs are. As I move toward the musical note, I recognize that the snuffle hog is very close by. I stand fora moment, trying to distinguish between the location of the musical note and the location of the snuffle hog. If I get too close, I know I will be devoured, but perhaps there is no other way to get the musical note than to get close. I try to move closer as I am trampled and devoured by a snuffle hog from my left side. As I am reincarnated I again move cautiously. The howling wind combined with the loud sound of my feet trudging through the snow and my heavy breathing, makes it very hard to distinguish any of the sounds that I need to succeed. I take a step, pause and think about where the notes are. For the first time, I draw a concept map as I run, indicating in which direction I turn in order to locate each note. Using this map and adding to it as I get successively farther with each attempt I am able to trace out a map that I use throughout each level. As I complete the level, Catherine Zeta Jones chimes in with advice about the next level.  “If you were not blinded by the darkness, you could see the palace of Papa Sangre from here. On the other side of the lake there is a siren sings to you, pleading to be rescued.”