Level 23: The Ice Lake

by Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo

The background is a glass whistling sound, with a hollow wind as the undertone. Catherine Zeta Jones paints a picture of the scenery around me:  “Next to you, chickens. Ahead of you a vast ice lake. “ I stand forward for a moment to survey the area around me in my head.  As I move forward slowly across the snow, I can hear the sound of the chickens in the distance, the musical note to my right and past the chicken cage, and finally I make note of some snuffle hogs on my left side. Before opening the chicken cage, I note where exactly I think the musical note lies, so that I can immediately maneuver in that direction as soon as the snuffle hogs begin approaching. I seem to locate the musical note’s exact location I open up the chicken cage and I quickly pivot to the right. As I move forward, I realize I must walk slowly over the ice. As I step on ice I hear the sound of it slowly cracking underneath me as well as the howling of the siren in the distance. I collect the musical note and then walk slowly across the frozen lake in order to find the next note, forgetting that I am supposed to lure the hogs to another chickens before attempting to get another note. As I move forward and slip on the ice, the voice of the siren overtakes both sets of headphones and I am unable to hear anything above her odd howling noises. She moves back and forth between notes in a dizzying way as I hear the snuffle hogs racing towards me. Unable to distinguish the direction from which they’re coming, I stand helplessly as they finally come in for the kill. When I am reincarnated, I move as I did earlier, except after I capture the first musical note, I turn around towards the snow bank from which I descended and listen for the next batch of chickens. I can hear the chickens to my left and I slowly move in that direction, as I make note of the snuffle hogs behind me. Again I open the chicken cage and then turn around toward the ice lake to collect the second note. In this way I’m able to collect each of the musical notes and find my way to the sparkling exit before the snuffle hogs get to me. As I complete the level, the voice of Papa Sangre interrupts everything and I am suddenly filled with fear and anxiety: “It is later than you think! You are in the palace of Papa Sangre. Here the soul most precious to you is in grave danger.  You are a brave soul inside my palace completely!”