Level 24: The Fate Bell

by Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo

Large deep horns that slowly rise fill the background as Catherine Zeta Jones begins to advise me: “Listen carefully for the fate bell. It peals the sound of the slight. Walk into it and ring (sound of a bell ringing slowly). It vanishes and reappears (the sound of bell ringing quickly and crazed laughter). Ring three times to open the door to the light (sound of the sparkling exit), but beware the fake bells (the sound of a bell producing odd tones which I’ll call a bizzaro bell).  They bring Papa to your side and he’ll tape you (sound of tape being stretched) and nail you (sound of hammering) and burn you to hell.” As the level starts I am met with a variety of bell sounds. Directly to my right and on my left side I hear the bizzaro bells;  in front of me I hear the banging of one of the fate bells. I take a step forward to see how each of these sounds changes. As I take two steps forward, the fate bell bangs in front of me, getting louder and louder. I take two more steps forward and collect the bell. As I do, I hear the cackling of Papa Sangre. I walk forward again on what sounds like a wood service, scared to stay in one place and leaving the bizzaro sound ing bells in the distance on either side of my ears. I wander around the room, as the bizzaro bells and another fate bell rings in my ears. It’s nearly impossible to distinguish their different locations because they ring loudly in both ears and change directions in the same way as I turn. I inch forward, and as I do I am able to make subtle distinctions between the loctaion of the fate bell and the bizzaro bell. I move forward again until the fate bell is clearly in both ears and collect it. Papa Sangre giggles again and I pause the game to take a moment and calm my nerves. I am so close to reaching the final level, but there’s no way it can be this easy, can it? As I unpause the game I turn and hear the third fate bell in my right ear and I immediately turn in that direction until I can hear it chiming loudly in both ears. I walk swiftly toward the sound and collect the bell as Papa laughs. Now all I have to do is find the exit! I am nervous because it has all happened so quickly. It seems like there has to be a catch. I hear the exit sound glittering right behind me. I turn around and walk towards the exit sound until it is ringing loudly in both ears and then raise toward the exit. Suddenly I hear the sound of bells moving all around me. I hear a knocking sound and the creaking of a door that opens. Suddenly I hear the beautiful sound of violins playing softly between two major chords.  I hear birds chirping and a quick  fluttering whistle sound as if I am being whisked off somewhere. The level ends with the sound of birds whistling. Is this it? Nobody has said anything….